Checkpoint Two – Buitenwerkplaats

Our new home for 5 weeks is here, vastly different in many ways to our previous home, ‘Outside-work-place’ is a set of farm buildings outside of Amsterdam which hosts business getaways as well as artist retreats and residencies. The main building, formerly a farm building which was burnt down also looks like it doubles as a lair of a bond baddie.

With all of the building and cosmetic work being completed, the place operates daily and there is always a new face on site, either guests or workers attending the the vast area of land and buildings. There are many things to be done like attending to the permaculture garden as well as being generally helpful to Maud and Dago’ or guests.

My task is to build a(nother) chicken coop (my reputation must have preceeded me). As is always the case, the specification is different, so there are still many challenges to overcome and opportunities for learning new skills.

Importantly, one of the things I wanted to do during my year away was to build a roof. How boring, but such a simple thing might give me the confidence to build one for living under. And build a roof I shall….

Anyway, pictures…..

The ‘lair’, just add evil genius.

The workshop, wood and metal akimbo.

Outside of workshop.

Natasha and Dagobert weld some parts for an outdoor prototype bench.

Me and artist in residence Oscar.

Cows in residence.

So, I know it’s been a time since my last post, I blame [enter political scapegoat here].

I’ve been working lots on the chicken coop, post to follow about the build. I now have a couple of weeks ‘at ease’ so I hope to catch you up with my activities and manoeuvres.

Stay strong and true, X

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Building futures in sustainable living.

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